What Is Keyword Cannibalization in SEO? How it Affects Your SEO Research

What is keyword cannibalization in SEO? Google AdWords recently introduced a new feature to help its advertisers. Advertisers can now opt to pay Google per click on specific key phrases. This is an excellent tool and has been a big help to many large companies and businesses.

Let’s say you are working on a keyword optimization campaign for your online business. Before you choose your keywords, you would perform research on the keyword itself. In most cases, you will find the keyword research to be tedious and a bit time-consuming. That is where the keyword stuffing tool comes in handy. This tool will generate random keyword phrases that you can use in your Google AdWords campaigns.

One word of caution. While the keyword stuffing tool may seem like a good idea, it is not. Why? Because you are sacrificing quality content for speed. Many Google AdWords users report that their campaigns go stale after using this tool.

Keyword research tools such as the Google Keyword Research Tool can be useful for keyword optimization research. But this research tool only tells you which keywords are profitable. It does not mean you the profitability of a given keyword. It does not tell you the number of competitors for a given keyword either. This can be extremely misleading.

This keyword research tool only tells you about the competition. Competition is the amount of traffic a given keyword receives from other websites. And it is a complicated concept to understand. How can a keyword compete with millions of others for a tiny amount of traffic? Not very realistic, I know.

So, what is the solution?

Well, the answer is quite apparent. It would be best if you came up with keyword strategies that target low-competition phrases. In other words, low competition keywords. A keyword research tool alone will not give you this information, so I recommend keyword strategy experts for keyword optimization.

There are some excellent keyword strategy tools on the market that allow you to research low competition keywords. These keyword research tools will also let you know exactly how much competition you will face for those keywords. That way, you can quickly eliminate keywords that will be a waste of time. Plus these keyword research tools also give you an idea of relative strength. Relative strength is simply the number of sites that link to a given keyword.

The final point I would like to make about keyword cannibalization in SEO is avoiding it. You do not want to use the same keyword over again because this makes your site seem repetitive. It is also not a good practice to use keyword stuffing, which means stuffing your entire site with keywords. This will make your site appear spammy. Just remember to choose your keywords carefully, and you will be alright.

In addition to keyword research, there are certain practices that you can follow to make sure you are not penalizing yourself. One of them is to avoid using keyword stuffing because search engines now frown upon this practice. Another practice is to be aware of the competition for specific keywords. If you see that your competitors are ranking for a particular keyword, but they aren’t, you should either remove that keyword from your list or choose another keyword that will be easier to beat.

One of the keys to keyword research is also key to being successful with SEO. When you are researching keywords and creating keyword lists, try to stick to the more popular keywords. These are keywords that are searched throughout the web regularly and are used by consumers. Choosing more popular keywords will ensure that your website will rank higher on the search engines, which will bring you more traffic.

The competition for keywords within the search engines can be fierce, and you need to work to beat out the competition. By creating keyword lists based on the most popular keywords being searched, you can get a good idea of how much you will have to pay to rank on the top keywords. Be careful, though, because some search engines may drop a popular keyword to make room for the new ones. Know what is keyword cannibalization in SEO and use it correctly.

Once you know what is keyword cannibalization in SEO, you should choose a keyword list that gives you the best chance of success. Choose keywords that are less competitive and easier to rank for in the search engines. You can create keyword lists on your own or find a useful keyword research tool. When you learn keyword cannibalization in SEO and take the necessary precautions to beat out the competition, you will find your website and business will go much farther.

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