What is Cloaking in SEO and What Should Be Done About It?

What is cloaking in SEO?

This is a term that most people do not understand and know very little about. It is like writing a killer advertisement for your business. That is precisely what cloaking in Search Engine Optimization does.

There are several techniques to hide keywords from visitors to the website. You should follow the laws otherwise you could be penalized by Google. Moreover, the quality of articles that you produce will determine whether you comply with the rules or not.

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If you use title of post as URL then you can cloak your keywords.  If the tag has the keyword, then insert an additional keyword in your URL. These methods, However, do not appear natural to the viewers. That is why they have termed cloaking techniques.

When you use these techniques, you should make sure that you do not violate any of the search engines’ terms of service. Moreover, you should not add any URL to your web pages unless you make the paid submission. Before you submit your web pages to the web, you should make sure that your URLs are unique.

Cloaking in SEO is using one URL for various purposes on the same site. What are the benefits of this? This is called cross-site scripting, which is an unethical technique that spammers commonly use.

What is cloaking in SEO is considered spamming by search engines and will affect your page rank and website traffic. Hence, to avoid it, webmasters should always follow the rules of Google, Ask, Bing, and Yahoo and add relevant and informative content to their webpages.

Some webmasters believe that cloaking techniques are ethical, but majority of them do not agree. The main reason why some search engines consider it spam is that webmasters use internal links to their websites. The use of links inside a website can be regarded as spam. Therefore, the engines penalize these webmasters and may remove websites from the search engine rankings. You can also read about this by Google Search Central

Interlinking is good for your website. What is unethical about this is when webmasters use automated software to obtain these links. Besides, some webmasters attempt to trick search engines by submitting their websites under the same name. What is unethical about this is when webmasters submit the website to several directories. These directories sometimes contain spam links.

You can also check out video about Cloaking.

What is cloaking in SEO and what should be done about it? 

In general, webmasters can legally use these techniques, provided they use ethical practices. The best way to determine the legality of the method you use is to check if your webmaster has a legitimate listing in Google. If your webmaster is listed in Google, it means that you will have a higher chance of getting more visitors and improving your ranking. If you have any question regarding cloaking then feel free to ask, I will always be there to help you out.

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