How To Upload Robots.txt file in WordPress Without Yoast SEO

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When I created account on WordPress, I installed Yoast Seo plugin. There was an option to edit robots.txt file in this plugin.

After some time, when I migrated from Yoast Seo to Rank Math Seo plugin, I could not edit file in it.

So, Today I will tell you how to upload robots.txt file in WordPress without Yoast Seo plugin. You can optimize robots.txt file and it will help you to improve in Seo.

It commands search engines, which pages you have to crawl and which you do not have to. Many people argues that we upload unique content on daily basis, inspite of this our website does not gain traffic. Want to know how to start a blog than go ahead and learn about it.

Main reason of loss of traffic may be adding  impropre robots.txt file. First we should learn what actually is it?

What is a Robots.txt file?

How To Upload Robots.txt file in WordPress Without Yoast SEO

A Robots.txt is a text file in which website commands google bots to crawl and index particular pages and not to crawl.

As in above figure, I disallowed categories and archives, due to indexing these I was facing copy content. That’s why I told bots not to crawl them.

You can check anyone’s file by adding robots.txt after website name. Like Let’s go and learn how to upload Robots.txt file in WordPress without Yoast SEO plugin.

How to Create a Robots.txt in WordPress

Let’s learn how to upload Robots.txt file in wordPress without Yoast Seo plugin. Want to know how to pick a great domain for your website you can read and learn new tips about it.

First what you have to do is connect your WordPress hosting account using an FTP client and your robots.txt file is in your website’s root folder.

In my case, my site is hosted on SiteGround hosting. So, I go to and add an email id and password in it. It’s interface looks like this.


Now click on websites, there you will find an other option named as “site tools”. Click on it.



After clicking site tools, dashboard of siteground will be opened. What you have to to is click on File Manager.

How To Upload Robots.txt file in WordPress Without Yoast SEO

When you open File Manager, there will be 3 options.

  • Logs
  • Public_Html
  • Webstats

You have to click on public_html.

file manager

When you click on public_html, you will see lots of options there. What you have to do is just scroll down till Robots.txt appears.

best robots.txt for seo

When you found Robots.txt file in file manager than click on Editor as highlighted in above picture. You can add as you want but be careful in it. Any mistake can harm your whole website and there will be loss of traffic.

Edit robots.txt file in wordpress

When you optimize Robots.txt file in WordPress, do not forget to click on Save Button as shown in picture.

Final Words

Main goal of uploading Robots.txt file in WordPress is to command search engines to crawl those pages which are not publicly visible. Disallow those pages which may create copy content problem like categories and archive pages.

This will result in improving crawl rate, quicker indexing and increases chances of rankings.

Make sure you do not make any mistake by uploading Robots.txt file. It will hepl to increase in SEO and will start to gain traffic for your site.

I suggest you to do a research in Robots.txt file. How does it work. What pages should you allow to bots to crawl your pages and what should not. Know their proper functioning.

If you setup robots.txt according to your will without guidance than it is like your are shooting an arrow in the dark.

I have tried to explain you in the best way regarding the question how to upload robots.txt file in WordPress without Yoast SEO.

I hope you found this article helpful. Kindly show love by sharing this on social media. If you have any questions regarding this than feel free to ask. I will always be there to help you out.


Show love ❤️ by sharing this article...

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