2 Proven Ways To Reset Your WordPress Website Quickly 2020

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All people make mistakes. I know you might done something wrong with your website and now try to fix it. Today, I will tell you 2 proven ways to reset your WordPress website quickly 2020.

I even faced this problem and I did not have any idea how to start a blog. I made a mistake and could not fix it that is why I had deleted my one website. Wish that I could know these methods before.

You are here because you might have faced some serious issues regarding your website. May be your site is down, website is not opening, reduction in traffic, mistake in theme edition or any other mistakes done by you.

Let’s go and learn how to reset your WordPress website free and make your site fresh and clean.

How To Reset Your WordPress Website?

5 Proven Ways To Reset Your WordPress Website Quickly 2020

Method 1: Reset Your WordPress Website with WP Reset Plugin

In this method, we will use a plugin named as “WP Reset” plugin. What you have to do is just login your dashboard and go to Plugins>>Add new then type “reset” in search bar as shown.

You just click on Install and then Activate it. This plugin has best ratings 5/5 and more than 200,000+ Active installations.

how to reset your WordPress website by wp reset plugin

Now, go to installed plugin options and scroll down. Then open WP reset tools.

wp reset plugin settings

After clicking on “Open WP reset tools, you will go to other screen.  You have to click on “snapshots” to backing up your website before reseting.

backup of wordpress website

When you click on “snapshots” then scroll down and click on “create snapshot” then give it any name. This backup will create  on server not on cloud storage.

I recommend you to create backup for your site specially when your website’s content is huge.

2 Proven Ways To Reset Your WordPress Website Quickly 2020

Now going back, scroll up and click on “reset” on top bar. After clicking reset, just go down. Type “reset” in search bar and click on “reset site” as show. Your website will be reset in few seconds.

reset wordpress site

It will shows that site has been successfully reset to default settings.

If you want your site back as then what you have to do just go to plugins>>installed plugins, scroll down till wp reset plugin appears. Click on “open wp reset tools” same as I told you before.

Go to “snapshots” again scroll down and you will find “Action” option where you backed up your site before. Then click on “restore snapshot”. Now, your site will be same as before.

I hope 2 proven ways to reset your WordPress website quickly 2020 help you out with good experience.

restore snapshot

I have a friend who had a website and made a mistake in robots.txt file because he did not know how to upload robots.txt file and how to edit it. That is why he could not fix this problem and deleted his site.

There is no need to delete your site if you make a mistake because there are lots of blogs and videos about every topic. You can learn everything easily from social media.

Method 2. Reset your Website with WordPress Reset Plugin

This is the easiest method of reseting your WordPress website. But this is not reversable keep that in your mind.

Go to your dashboard and click on plugins>>add new. Type “reset” in search bar and select “WordPress reset” plugin. Click on install and then activate it.

wordpress reset plugin 2

I have tried to explain everything about 2 proven ways to reset your WordPress website quickly 2020. If you have any queries regarding this then feel free to ask. I will always be there to help you out.

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