How To Pick A Great Domain Name For Your Blog (6 Best Tips)

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How To Pick A Great Domain Name For Your Blog is the major question faced by new bloggers. Even I faced it in my early time.

Before starting a blog, first thing which comes in our mind is that on which niche I should start a blog.

It is the main problem which newbie bloggers faces and they can not decide how to choose a good domain names.

Today I will tell you how to pick a domain name . I will share all the tools and tips through which you will be able to select your best domain name.

Blogging is not merely a hobby but it is also a business. So, be careful in that. Domain should not be too lengthy to memorize.

It is always said that “First impression is the last impression” so your domain is. Let’s go and learn how to pick a great domain name for your blog

Choose A Top Level-Domain TLD

How To Pick A Great Domain Name For Your Blog (Best Tips)

Top-level domain (TLD) is the part of domain that comes after dot, like com, org, net. Take my site name, here “com” is top-level domain.

Dot-com domains are famous and easy to remember. Children and even some less educated persons type “.com” at the end of every domain without knowing about it.

When I was a child I used to search websites and putting “.com” without thinking and wanted to know there may be a website regarding this name.

I highly recommend you to go with “.com” domain. It is good for you and your website as well.

Generic or Common Domain Names Vs. Keyword Domain Names

Presence of keywords in a domain play very important role to boost your website. First try to understand what is generic domain names?

Let me tell you, those domains which are not based on a particular meaning like I bet you do not know the meaning of google.

Keyword domain names are those which are based on a particular meaning. Take my website name

From the name, it is clear that this website is related to Blogging niche not on movie or music.

You can put your name in site if you want to create a valuable brand. If you want to make a micro niche blog than you should put suitable keyword regarding your niche.

Keep Your Domain Name Short

Keep in mind that your domain should be short and concise. Short domains are always easy to remember.

Take an example of Most of the people on earth knows this and people from every country with any language can pronunciate without any difficulty.

This is just because of the name “Google” is short and easy to remember.

The domain containing 15 characters or less will be helpful for SEO as well. If your domain is longer and someone come to read articles.

Domain should contain one or two words. Try to keep it one. These looks catchy and attractive to users.

After a day when he will come than he might forget your domain name than you may face loss of traffic. That’s why I recommend you to make your domain shorter.

Short domain names are hard to find because most of them are taken. So, try to search for new domains related to your niche site.

I will try to clarify all the questions regarding How To Pick A Great Domain Name For Your Blog.

Avoid Hyphens in Domain Name

Most of the people which use hyphens in their domain names only because the domains which they want purchase are already taken.

What will be when your users forget to put hyphens to search your site. Definitely, they will go to your competitor’s website.

Many years ago, it was easy to rank a domain with hyphen in it. But now, it does not work that much.

It is not important to add hyphen in your domain if you can not find your favorite. You can add your name in it and it rank on Google. You just have to focus on your content and do not quit.

Avoid Double Letters in Your Domain Name

Kindly, do not use double letters in your domain name, because these kind of words may cause in loss of your site’s traffic.

Example of double letters are I hope you got what I tried to say.

By avoiding these types of letters, you can not face issue in typing and it will be easy to remembers to users. I have never bought a domain which contains these types of letters.

Avoid Copyright Infringement

Before selecting a new domain, keep in mind that you are not violating any existing brand copyright policies.

Let suppose, “WordPress” does not allow anyone to have a domain name with WordPress in it. If you do than get ready for penalty.

Yes, you can use”WP” in your domain names. If you do so, I am sure you will not have any problem in future.

I am sure that I have given all answers regarding the question How To Pick A Great Domain Name For Your Blog

If you have any query than feel free to ask. I am always there for you.

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