How To Remove Date From Blogger Post Url 2020

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How to remove date from blogger post url 2020 and make link like WordPress. Due to presence of date in post url it looks lengthy, unattractive and it occupies space. If you do not purchase custom domain than url will be more lengthy i.e www (dot) bloggingmug (dot) blogspot (dot) com.

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By doing this, your url will be shortened and will improve in SEO and chances of ranking in search engine may increases. Here is an example of long blogger post url.

blogger post url

Due to this, your permalinks looks incomplete and this effect in SEO and ranking factor. When we come in WordPres, date is not present in post url and looks precise.

Before letting you know that how to remove date from blogger post url 2020, I will tell you that which are advantages and disadvantages of this removing date from url.



Following are some advantages of removing date from blogger post url.

  • Blogger post will look short, attractive and professional like WordPress.
  • Due to this, blog posts will make your content evergreen.
  • Your permalinks looks easy to remember.
  • It will not harm your SEO
  • Published date will be hidden and no one will find it when was it published.
  • It will helps to improve in SERP.


  • It might slow down your website speed.
  • If your blog is old and generating some traffic than you should not remove date from blogger post url because it may effect ranking in search results.
  • 404 error may occur for micro second than automatically redirects to its original page while removing date from blogger post url.
  • Looks like date has been removed with java script but date may or may not appear in search results.
  • There might be problem in indexing.

In WordPress, there is not problem of date in blogger post url. If you do not know how to start a blog than go and check it out. Here you will be able to know that how to remove date from blogger post url 2020.

How To Remove Date From Blogger Post Url 2020

Step 1: Login to your Blogger account and than click on Theme section.

Blogger Dashboard
Blogger Dashboard

Step 2: When you click on Theme section than click on Edit HTML.

Edit HTML in Blogger

Step 3: Look for <head> tag in beginning. If can not find than click anywhere in theme and click ctrl+f together and type <head> and enter.

How To Remove Date From Blogger Post Url 2020


Step 4: Copy the code given below and paste it after <head> and click on Save theme.

<script type=’text/javascript’>
// BloggerJS v0.3.1
// Copyright (c) 2017-2018 Kenny Cruz
// Licensed under the MIT License
var urlTotal,nextPageToken,postsDatePrefix=!1,accessOnly=!1,useApiV3=!1,apiKey=””,blogId=””,postsOrPages=[“pages”,”posts”],jsonIndex=1,secondRequest=!0,feedPriority=0,amp=”&”[0];function urlVal(){var e=window.location.pathname,t=e.length;return”.html”===e.substring(t-5)?0:t>1?1:2}function urlMod(){var e=window.location.pathname;”p”===e.substring(1,2)?(e=(e=e.substring(e.indexOf(“/”,1)+1)).substr(0,e.indexOf(“.html”)),history.replaceState(null,null,”../”+e)):(e=(e=postsDatePrefix?e.substring(1):e.substring(e.indexOf(“/”,7)+1)).substr(0,e.indexOf(“.html”)),history.replaceState(null,null,”../../”+e))}function urlSearch(e,t){var n=e+”.html”;t.forEach(function(e){-1!})}function urlManager(){var e=urlVal();0===e?accessOnly||urlMod():1===e?getJSON(postsOrPages[feedPriority],1):2===e&&(accessOnly||history.replaceState(null,null,”/”))}function getJSON(e,t){var n=document.createElement(“script”);if(useApiV3){var o=””+blogId+”/”+e+”?key=”+apiKey+”#maxResults=500#fields=nextPageToken%2Citems(url)#callback=bloggerJSON”;nextPageToken&&(o+=”#pageToken=”+nextPageToken),nextPageToken=void 0}else o=window.location.protocol+”//”+window.location.hostname+”/feeds/”+e+”/default?start-index=”+t+”#max-results=150#orderby=published#alt=json-in-script#callback=bloggerJSON”;o=o.replace(/#/g,amp),n.type=”text/javascript”,n.src=o,document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0].appendChild(n)}function bloggerJSON(e){var t=[];if(useApiV3||void 0===urlTotal&&(urlTotal=parseInt(e.feed.openSearch$totalResults.$t)),useApiV3){try{e.items.forEach(function(e,n){t.push(e.url)})}catch(e){}nextPageToken=e.nextPageToken}else try{e.feed.entry.forEach(function(n,o){var r=e.feed.entry[o];,n){“alternate”[n].rel&&t.push([n].href)})})}catch(e){}urlSearch(window.location.pathname,t),urlTotal>150?(jsonIndex+=150,urlTotal-=150,getJSON(postsOrPages[feedPriority],jsonIndex)):nextPageToken?getJSON(postsOrPages[feedPriority]):secondRequest&&(nextPageToken=void 0,urlTotal=void 0,jsonIndex=1,secondRequest=!1,0===feedPriority?(feedPriority=1,getJSON(“posts”,1)):1===feedPriority&&(feedPriority=0,getJSON(“pages”,1)))}function bloggerJS(e){e&&(feedPriority=e),urlManager()}bloggerJS();

Final Words For Bloggers

I know that you are here after reading title how to remove date from blogger post url 2020. Now, I am 100% sure that you can achieve your goal by doing same process as I have mentioned above. If you have any doubt than feel free to ask I am always there for you.

Actually, If I were you than I would not do the same because removing date from blogger post may harm our post by showing 404 error. Definitely it will remove date from permalink but may show problem in google search console while indexing post. If you face this problem than I suggest you that not remove date from permalink.

If your blog is new than you can remove date from permalink as in new blog traffic is not much and there are not older posts in which 404 error occurs but I advise you not to do it if your blog is old and ranking in SERP. I hope how to remove date from blogger post url 2020 post gave you some guidance about what you have to do and not to do. Good luck

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