How To Migrate From Blogger To WordPress Siteground Hosting

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If you want to know how to migrate from blogger to WordPress Siteground hosting in 2020 then congratulations, you are at the right place.

There are a lot of articles on this topic but I am here for moving Siteground hosting only. There is one thing which you should keep in your mind is that before migrating from Blogger to WordPress you should take a backup from your Blogger account.

First login to your Blogger account then go to Settings>>Other and click on “Back up content”. Then it will be downloaded into your laptop.

backup for blogger

Most of the people have used Blogger in their early times because it is free, easy to use and most of them did not know what actually the hosting is.

Actually, choosing Blogger is the best idea in the beginning of blogging. You will get enough experience, writing content, link building, seo and more.

If you still do not know how to start a blog on WordPress then what are you waiting for?

Blogger is also a good platform but there are not enough customization options in it. Due to the presence of date in the URL, it does not even look attractive and catchy.

On the other side, WordPress provides you more customization options to make your website look beautiful and professional. If you do not want date in URL then you can do this in settings>>permalinks and just click on “post link”.

Migrate From Blogger To WordPress 2020 (Siteground Hosting)

How To Migrate From Blogger To WordPress Siteground Hosting

For moving from Blogger to WordPress, you have to purchase any Siteground hosting plan. I have written an article on this topic already by providing link above.

Go to your cpanel by typing in google search bar. When you do this then you will enter in a cpanel.

move from blogger to wordpress

Now, click on the website menu as highlighted in image where you will find “new website” option just click on it.

siteground cpanel

After clicking on new website option, you wil see three options there:

(1): New Domain

(2): Existing Domain

(3): Temporary Domain

What you have to do is click on number two i.e Existing domain as highlighted in image.

blogger to wp

Now, you will see another option named as “enter your domain name”. In my case, there is a website you can enter yours site name.

When you will click on “continue” then there will be written like this domain which you have entered is not registered in your Siteground account. It’s DNS servers will be changed in Godaddy or whatever your domain provider is. If not then site would not open. So, you have to click “Continue” again.

Migrate Website from Blogger To WordPress

After clicking on “Continue”, two options will appear:

(a): Start new website.

(b): Migrate website.

What you have to do is just click on option b as shown in image below.

migrate website

At this point I searched a lot on Google that how to migrate from Blogger to WordPress Siteground hosting and found many articles regarding general WordPress but not on Siteground hosting.

That is why I thought to make it easy for you guys. so, let’s get back to the topic.

When you scroll down, will see two methods, one is free and another is paid which costs 30$ only. So, we will go through free method named as “Superfast WordPress Automigration”. After clicking “Select”, again another option will be appeared as “Continue”.

How To Migrate From Blogger To WordPress Siteground Hosting

After this, SG site scanner will be appeared. By adding this, it will cost you 20$/year approx. But we will simply click on “Finish”.

How To Migrate From Blogger To WordPress Siteground Hosting

Now, your site has been successfully created. We are just few steps back from running this site on Siteground hosting.

Download SG Migrator Plugin

Again three options appeared on the screen namely:

(i): Download Plugin.

(ii): Get Migration Token.

(iii): Point Your Domain.

switch to wp


I have already downloaded “SG Migrator” for my one site. But I will tell you how to download it. Jucst click on “download”, this plugin will be downloaded in your computer in download folder.

After downloading plugin, go to your dashboard i.w and press enter then click on Plugin>>Add new then click on upload plugin.

sg migrator

Update Your New DNS Servers

Find in download options in laptop then install and activate plugin, I have already downloaded this. Scroll down and click on SG Migrator, you will see “Update your DNS”.

sg migrator dashboard


Now, go to your domain name provider and replace old DNS with new one provided by Siteground. You can also check your new DNS from your gmail account associated with Siteground hosting.

Login to your domain name provider, I login from Godaddy. Then click on My products>>DNS

update your dns

Now, scroll down below the “Records” until an option named as “Nameservers” appears. Then Click on Change>>Enter my own nameservers (advanced).


How To Migrate From Blogger To WordPress Siteground Hosting

After clicking on “Change”, another option will appear named as “Enter my own nameservers (advanced)”. So, you have to click on this and copy & paste your new DNS there.

How To Migrate From Blogger To WordPress Siteground Hosting

Import articles from Blogger to WordPress

If you want import your articles from Blogger to WordPress then you can do also do it. As in the beginning of this post we learnt how to take a backup on Blogger.

Import articles from blogger to WordPress

Now, It is easy for us to import Blogger articles to WordPress. What you have to do is just click on Tools>>Import then click on “Install Now” pick up that file which we have downloaded in the beginning (means Blogger’s backup). In that way you can easily import articles from Blogger to WordPress.

I hope that I have cleared your all doubts regarding how to migrate from Blogger to WordPress Siteground hosting. If you have any queries about this topic then feel free to ask, I am always there to help you.

Kindly help me by sharing this articls, I will appreciate that.



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