How To Add Push Notification in WordPress Using OneSignal

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If you want to know how to add push notification in WordPress using OneSignal plugin than you are at the right place.

It helps you to gain more visitors to your site by this plugin even they are not visiting your website. It is very difficult to let people back to your site specially when your website is new.

That’s why OneSignal plugin is essential for this purpose. First, you should have a site on WordPress and if you do not have account so you should know how to start a blog also choose the best domain name according to your niche.

How To Add Push Notification in WordPress Using OneSignal

What is Push Notification?

First, try to understand what actually push notification is? It is a notification message that is displayed on your laptop and mobile devices.

It can also be shown even when subscriber’s browser is not opened. I recommend you to add this if you want more visitors on your site. That is why we use web push notifications.

It is suitable for both desktop as well as mobile devices. Due to this you will get your visitors permanently. Coming back to the point, let’s learn how to add push notification in WordPress using OneSignal step by step.

What is the Necessity of Push Notification?

There are more advantages of adding push notification in WordPress. Some of them are describe below.

(1). Bring Your New Visitors Back

Almost 70% of visitors who leave your site will never come back. That is why you have converts those new visitors into subscribers and there will be increase in traffic.

(2). Increase Your Referral Traffic

Push notification gives you more refferal traffic. You should publish content that attracts people to click on your link that may be about news article and unpopular opinion.

(3). Push Notifications are More Engaging

These notifications are more engaging than SMS, email marketing and social media platform. Push notifications have more click-through rate than emails.

How To Add Push Notification in WordPress Using OneSignal


First of all, login to your WordPress account and go to your dashboard than click on Plugin as you can see in image. Click on “Add new”.

onesignal push notification

After that type “onesignal” in search bar without space and click on “Install Now” and than “Activate” to “OneSignal – Web Push Notifications”.

setup onesignal push notification

When you scroll down than click on “OneSignal Push” as pointed with red marker.

create account on onesignal

As you see there are two options.

(1). Create a OneSignal account.

(2). Create a Web Push app in OneSignal.

What you have to do is just click on OneSignal as pointed out.

signup onesignal push notification

After clicking OneSignal, new tab will be open and you click on “Sign Up” button on right corner. It will ask you your email id, password and your website/organization name.

After putting your complete information, they will send you confirmation email. You just have  login in gmail id and click on “Confirm”.

how to add web push notification to your wordpress site

When you click on “Confirm” from your gmail id than this tab shows. You type your site name, click on web push than go to “Next configure your platform”.

configure web push

After clicking configure your platform, three options appear.

(1). Typical Site

(2). WordPress Plugin or Website Builder

(3). Custom Code

Just click on WordPress Plugin than click on WordPress as highlighted with red marker.

wordpress site setup

Scroll down and this image will appear. Type your site name, site URL, upload your icon than click on “Save” button.

wordpress plugin



After clicking “Save” button, this tab shows. You just have copy app id and API key and paste it than click on “Finish”.

push notification tutorial

After finishing, now let’s check out for Safari web id.

push notification for wordpress

Click on apple safari which is noted with mark.

How To Add Push Notification in WordPress Using OneSignal

Type your site URL and click on “Next”.

wordpress tutorial of push notification

Than you should copy your Safari web id and paste it on safari web id where you added app id and api key.

Hope that I have cleared all doubts regarding how to add push notification in WordPress using OneSignal. If you have any questions than feel free to ask. I will always be there for you to help you out.



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